Another year, another JCK gone by!

JCK is a show we absolutely love to design and build for, and it’s a heck of a show to attend. 2017 Continued a multi-year trend of new and beautiful exhibit work, combined with some great attendance and lots of success from our clients.

Designing and building for this success at the JCK show is definitely quite unique when compared to most other industries. We find a lot of cross-pollination when it comes to trends seen in industries such as tech, security, medical, etc. But only with the JCK show does one truly see some very unique elements and construction techniques largely unknown to the rest of the exhibit world.

Take lighting, for example, as perhaps the most important aspect of displaying at this show. Over the many years we’ve been working with our clients at this show, we understand the complexities involved here. The specific color temperatures needed to display everything from gold to platinum and colored stones to diamonds can make or break a sale here. LED, halogen lighting and complex dimming solutions are all employed to allow our clients the ability to present their valuable product in as stunning a manner as possible.

Then there’s the glass. Everyone’s favorite nightmare to ship into a show! Do you go with low iron glass? Tempered or safety glass? Butt joint or framed? Each option provides a specific benefit to the client based on their needs, and understanding the significance of each option is critically important to success and security at the show.

Now, working with the right glass is truly important, but if your custom showcase arrives to the show floor with the glass broken, all that planning would be for nothing. Possibly the most important thing we do to ensure a smooth show is pack up your showcases and the rest of your exhibit properties in the most protective manner possible. That’s why we make sure that our exhibits are carefully encased in custom wooden shipping crates, slotted and protective lined to safeguard them against the roughest of forklift rides. When you’re shipping beautiful custom work, you never want to cut corners when it comes to crates.

At JCK 2017, RGo was proud to produce a few new exhibits along with some great updates on existing custom projects. Take a look at the work we’ve done for Amden , ALTR and Diamour in our Portfolio when you have a chance, and if you’d like to put our industry knowledge to work on your JCK 2018 exhibit, give us a shout at 888.508.0890 or email us.