Here at RGo, we love a fun show. And the Licensing Show is nothing if not fun! From the parades of mascots to the celebrities and the happy hours at Eye Candy (you know what we’re talking about!), it doesn’t get much better than this!

Fun as the show may be though, a tremendous amount of time and effort goes on behind the scenes to make it a true success for the exhibitors. In our opinion, the secret to producing a great Licensing Show exhibit is ensuring that it walks the fine line between fun and business – and it certainly is a fine line! Produce your exhibit with too much whimsy, and you may not come across as being as professional as your company needs to be in order to maximize its ROI at the show. Not enough fun and your booth ends up looking boring and dull, turning away potential leads and reducing your chances for success.

Over the years, we’ve done a lot for our clients to help walk that tightrope between fun and business with Cirque du Soleil skill!

From Sony Pictures to The Joester Loria Group, Lionsgate and Cherokee – We’ve helped many different types of companies show off their unique and fun personalities while still maintaining their professional business cores that are critical to display when it comes to making brands succeed.

In order to achieve this, we’ve implemented many unique production methods over the years, but first and foremost has been ensuring that we don’t blow our clients budgets out of the water! Anyone can go crazy with an unlimited source of funds, but we all know that’s never the case here. Between the high drayage rates, labor costs, talent challenges, and even simply putting up your team in Vegas, we understand that your budget’s already been hammered by the time you even think about starting to design your exhibit.

One of the ways we’re able to help maximize that ROI is by always staying on the forefront of new and lightweight production methods. Implementations of fabric components, for example, would be one of the first design concepts we’d turn to in order to achieve this. Large walls that would have cost a fortune in drayage, construction, and labor can now be created at a fraction of the cost. Check out our Lionsgate design and you’ll see some slick angled and uplit fabric wall structures in the corners of the exhibit – implemented at a fraction of what a traditional wall that size would have cost and weighed.

Here’s another overlooked fact – Did you know your exhibit can be built up from the ground to 25’ high in most areas of the show? We take advantage of this underused advantage whenever we can to save on rigging costs. Check out our truss supported banner at the Cherokee exhibit, which spanned over 60’ in length! Rigging that banner would have taken a tremendous amount of time and again, cost a TON of money, but using lightweight truss allowed for a very quick setup and relieved us of the rigging concerns.

Additionally, a great example of walking that fun/business tightrope can be found in our Sony Pictures design. To help promote the Smurfs movie, we created an experience that allowed the show goers to feel like the size of a Smurf as they walked in to the exhibit! A large fabric tree and Smurf hut were created with lightweight, easy to assemble materials, both of which made up the entire entrance to the exhibit. It also created a fantastic photo op! Then, as you walked into the exhibit, we sectioned off working areas with a combination of rustic wooden picnic benches and private meeting rooms, all wired up with the latest AV technology to allow for the best possible sales environment without taking away from all the fun going on everywhere else.

We’ve got a lot more to offer when it comes to this unique event, and we’d love to show you what we can do for you and your brand. Give us a shout at 888.508.0890 or email us to get your free design consultation today!